Xonotic 0.6 Released

For those non playing alongside the autobuild releases, I convey expert news! H5N1 novel version of the totally FOSS, competitive multiplayer FPS Xonotic has been released.

Find the released proclamation in addition to download links straight here.

The 2 nearly of import characteristic additions are a stats tracking system, which tin dismiss last constitute via this webpage.

And the add-on of customer side scripted player-models, which in all likelihood doesn't nation much to the regular user, simply from a developer's betoken of sentiment it is a pretty peachy affair ;) Expect many cool advances to come upwardly from this over the side yesteryear side twain of months.

Oh in addition to drive likewise the Overkill server, which runs a cool modernistic alongside totally novel player-models in addition to weapon mechanics, combining insta-gib alongside a to a greater extent than complex game-play etc. (in Xonotic, server admins tin dismiss cause upwardly one's heed to hosts mods in addition to players are automatically supplied alongside all needed files when joining the server).

Let's promise this novel loose volition growth the player-base a bit, equally this game actually deserves to a greater extent than attention.

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