Tremz Aka Unvanquished 1St Alpha Released

Hmm... the previously mentioned TremZ project, which btw changed shout to "Unvanquished" (which I honour much less catchy than the previous name) has released equally promised their starting fourth dimension alpha on the final 24-hour interval of February.

However equally I can't dice it to run on Linux (nor on Windows for that matter), I volition convey to rely on forum postings from which I extract that it actually is an alpha together with you lot shouldn't dice your hopes likewise high that it is much to a greater extent than than Tremulous at this betoken (graphics together with game-play wise)...

WIP Unvanquished playermodel

But endeavor it yourself... if you lot are on a non-optimus organization it volition likely operate fine amongst Windows ;)

Edit:  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 somewhat controversial split-up seems to convey happened inward the evolution team. Read here nearly 1 side of the argument... you lot tin honour the over side of the give-and-take also via the forums or the irc channels. Not certain what to brand of it, simply I volition dice on you lot informed equally presently equally the dust has settled ;)

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