The Big Corrections Round-Up Post (And Ta Contest)

So... you lot mightiness convey followed the lengthy give-and-take inwards the comment department of this weblog entry of mine from concluding week... if you lot didn't don't worry you lot didn't immature lady anything of import :p

However I was corrected inwards quite a few things (besides all the disagreements), then I though it would locomote practiced to postal service a form out of "counter statement" to clear upwards but about recent mess-ups past times me:

First of all, the developers from Q2W informed us that inwards fact most (but non all) of their fine art assets are CC-by-SA or GPL, which is great. They convey also released a Linux installer now, then experience complimentary to cheque it out if you lot are gaming on this platform (like me). Oh as well as I convey also updated the video to a newer one, inwards illustration you lot didn't detect yet.

Also, as well as I am to locomote honest quite surprised past times this, OverDose does inwards fact convey an open source-code repository since but about fourth dimension now, where you lot tin download the rootage to the engine as well as but about of the cool in-house tools they convey developed. No clearly visible detect on the website virtually this soundless :-/ Even on the wiki they convey no link to it I think.

Ah, as well as I was also informed that UFO:AI has at ane time released an Linux version of the mentioned 2.4 RC.

Otherwise? Stunt-Rally does indeed convey a player-collision option, which I somehow missed... but at to the lowest degree I am non the solely ane who feels that the physics are a chip off :p

Last but non least, as well as that is the solely existent intelligence inwards this post:
The rather early on inwards evolution steam-punk themed MMORPG Bart's previous post, but mayhap you lot desire to contribute to this game every bit well.

P.S.: Criticize me all you lot want, as well as I am opened upwards to corrections every bit you lot tin see, but don't expression me decease a "proper" journalist! After all this is the "splatter zone" :p

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