Tesseract, Cube2 Next-Gen'd

H5N1 FOSS gaming engine stalwart made a major throttle frontward today. Sauerbraten/cube 2, everyone's favorite octree, in-game editing game engine has lastly implemented modern dynamic lighting, making its innovative mapping organisation a lot to a greater extent than intuitive as well as slow to use, also equally allowing for all kinds of novel game play. Tesseract loses the backwards compatibility of Cube two inwards guild to conduct keep amount payoff of modern gfx cards.

Personally, I'm looking frontward to games that utilize to implement destructible terrain, as well as the inevitable Minecraft clones that come upward amongst it. So become out coders, as well as create!

You tin detect the sourcecode on Github here

EDIT: Well, that was quick! Hirato from Sandbox / Redeclipse pointed out this day/night wheel made amongst the novel code: 

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