Short: Gigalomania Together With Ctruck3d

Losing inwards Gigalomania

Gigalomania [blog] is an opened upward root 2D Real Time Strategy game, for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, as well as Nokia smartphones (Symbian, Maemo as well as Meego). The gameplay consists of researching as well as developing novel technology amongst which to conquer your enemies, from rocks as well as sticks to nuclear weapons as well as spaceships. You tin reach the axe advance through 10 unlike ages, from the stone historic catamenia to the future. There are 28 unlike maps to play through.


CTruck3D is a simple-looking OpenGL truck simulator.


There is an ASCII-Art variant called term_CTruck3D.

EDIT: What's quite interesting close the game is the marketing(?). Two YouTube accounts seem to endure quite excited close the game: simhgamedev and violinperforming.

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