Openmw 0.12: Graphic Symbol Animations

image: Sky inwards OpenMW (scheduled for 0.13)

OpenMW 0.12 has been released:
This liberate notably includes NPC in addition to Creature animation, though no A.I. has been implemented, in addition to hence animations must last activated through console commands. Please review the following:

  • Sounds other than music non working
  • Scroll in addition to push clit background graphics inwards launcher non working inwards Linux package
Important notes:
  • You must take away all quondam openmw.cfg files inwards social club for the automatic detection of Morrowind installations to work.
  • If the information path is laid manually in addition to it contains spaces, it needs to last position within quotation marks.
  • Various rendering fixes in addition to optimizations
  • Refactored engine class
  • Automatic packet building
  • Various produce fixes in addition to cleanup
  • Various configuration fixes in addition to cleanup, including detection of existing Morrowind installations
  • Basic NPC/Creature animation back upwardly added, must last activated from console
  • Basic implementation of Journal Window added
  • Fix for local scripts continuing to run if associated object is deleted
  • Fix for crash when taking screenshots
  • Fix for crash when visiting Akulakhan’s Chamber
  • Added catching of exceptions thrown inwards input treatment functions
  • Fix for NPC Activation non working properly
  • Allow the instrumentalist to movement away from pre-defined cells

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