New Rts Releases: 0 A.D. In Addition To Zero-K

Hot intelligence of today is the Alpha ix release of 0 A.D.:

Main additions are the Roman faction, a novel fighting concept in addition to novel trading system. The novel fighting concept allows for a strategic pick of your troops to counter for certain units (spearmen are improve against cavalry in addition to and thence on) in addition to the trading systems allows for setting upwards merchandise routes etc.
Oh in addition to they are however looking for contributers ;)

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 footling chip less hot news, simply however quite recent, is the novel version of Zero-K, a cool RTS develop inwards the hereafter (if you lot are a regular reader you lot should know it ;) ).

It directly runs on the lately released 87.0 liberate of the SpringEngine in addition to likewise features a novel faction: the amphibious bots.
Sadly their interesting meta-game PlanetWars is currently unopen for reworking, simply the side past times side circular volition come about at about indicate for sure.

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