Moosader's Text-Based Game Contest [Until April Ninth 2012]

image labeled "Text-Based Game": ASCII-Art Female amongst a o_o expression. Buttons proverb "Attack" in addition to "Glare" side past times side to her, the commencement beingness selected

Moosader - creator, host in addition to leading contributor to OpenArt - too hosts game evolution competitions on her community's forum.

The electrical flow theme is "Text-Based Game" in addition to volition move over inwards nine days, in addition to thus experience gratis to join! There are 25 projects inwards it in addition to thus far.
Make a text-based game, similar Zork, Adventure, Nethack, or something completely your own!
I spotted closed to free, opened upwardly root projects amidst them [1] [2] simply didn't demand maintain fourth dimension to demand maintain a closer look. There's parody, Lua, C++ in addition to JavaScript represented is all I tin tell in addition to thus far.

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