Dev-Corner: On Sexism Inward The Foss World

This consequence is related to FOSS gaming inwards that it affects the FOSS community equally a whole Dev-corner: On Sexism inwards the FOSS World

First, a authorities annotation on relevance:

This consequence is related to FOSS gaming inwards that it affects the FOSS community equally a whole, together with the FOSS gaming community amongst it.  The fact that it's an overall FOSS consequence doesn't homecoming it irrelevant to gaming.

...and a warning:

This is a rant.  I believe it's clear from the weblog entry that the feelings I'm expressing hither are directed at a little subset of the community together with non everyone who happens to read the blog.  So, equally y'all read this, consider if what I'm maxim applies to you.  If it doesn't, so I'm non ranting at you.  If it does, well, I'm Bart Kelsey, I run, together with I stand upwards yesteryear what I said.

Anyone who reads my weblog entries knows that I dear stirring upwards controversy.  As such, it's in all likelihood non a large surprise that I'm taking on this topic, since it tends to depict so much vitriol from some parts of the FOSS community.

Here's the thing, though.  Being against sexism shouldn't hold out controversial.  Regardless of what your political, personal, and/or religious beliefs may be, treating other people amongst honour (particularly beau members of a community who, similar everyone else, are volunteering their fourth dimension together with unloosen energy for the betterment of the footing equally a whole) ought to hold out something nosotros create yesteryear default.

I convey ranted inwards the yesteryear (at to the lowest degree inwards a round-about way) close the problem the FOSS community has amongst respecting people it perceives equally "outsiders".  For instance, if it's believed that y'all don't know how to code, there's a song minority of the population who are quite sure that your contributions aren't worthwhile.  Add this to the pretty much automatic supposition yesteryear some people that women aren't practiced amongst computers or competent coders, together with y'all halt upwards amongst an surroundings where women are rarely e'er treated amongst respect.  It's no wonder the FOSS community is so overwhelmingly male.

You may or may non convey already seen The Real Katie's weblog post service entitled Lighten Up, which explains the full general province of affairs from her persuasion point.  Of course, in that place are in all likelihood enough of people out in that place who read it together with still experience that she needs to "lighten up", so for those of y'all who are besides dense to hold out able to lay yourself inwards her shoes for a minute, I'm going to lay it out for you:

When a large grouping of people "joke around" amongst a unmarried mortal or a little grouping of people, that's non "joking around".  Heck, y'all may think, inwards your interplanetary space wisdom, that y'all exclusively made 1 picayune comment.  And y'all almost sure enough didn't mean for that comment to wound whatever feelings.  It's the sort of affair that y'all mightiness nation at a political party or inwards a room total of friends together with everything would hold out cool because y'all know each other together with 1 mortal isn't existence singled out equally the target.

Think dorsum to uncomplicated schoolhouse for a minute.  I'm willing to bet that a fairly large proportion of FOSS community members were a flake nerdy, together with were in all likelihood singled out at 1 fourth dimension or some other (hell, y'all don't fifty-fifty convey to hold out a nerd for that to tumble out -- it happens to pretty much anyone).  You sit down in that place completely on your ain together with everyone gets a dig inwards at y'all -- fifty-fifty the people who y'all idea were your friends.  The instructor comes in, together with all of a precipitous everyone was but "joking around".  Nobody meant anything yesteryear it; ganging upwards on y'all was all inwards practiced fun.

And the affair is, individually none of the things that were said would hold out especially hurtful.  The existent work is the experience in aggregate.  It's non that 1 mortal called y'all a name, it's that everyone is doing it; or at to the lowest degree that a large release of people are doing it together with nobody is doing anything to halt them.

I've been the target, I've been 1 of the serenity ones, together with regrettably I was at times 1 of the perpetrators.  Thinking back, inwards the times where I was the target, it would convey been prissy if 1 of the serenity ones had stood upwards together with said something.

So I'll nation something now.  If you're close to brand a sexist comment to 1 of the few woman mortal FOSS developers who convey stuck amongst it thence far together with lay upwards amongst this form of crap from the residue of the community, so create this picayune exercise: write that comment downward on a picayune slice of paper, wad it upwards into a ball, together with cram it upwards your ass. Then, sit down in that place together with suffer the discomfort that y'all were but close to inflict some other person.

They nation that no unmarried snowflake believes itself responsible for the avalanche.  Well psyche up, snowflake.  If you're taking business office inwards making sexist comments or otherwise ganging upwards on women inwards the community, so you percentage responsibleness for cutting the total trunk of FOSS contributions inwards half.  That's right, non exclusively are y'all existence rude to private people -- inwards driving people out of the community, y'all contribute to in that place existence less code for the residue of us.  If you've driven away a prolific together with talented coder, so your total contribution to the FOSS community inwards price of code is truly a net negative.  In simple words, the community would convey been improve off if you'd never been involved.

I'd also similar to add together a message to the "quiet ones".  There are a lot of us out there.  If you've e'er constitute yourself wondering why members of sure groups don't denounce the most song together with horrible members of those groups, this is your jeopardy to lay your coin where your oral fissure is together with nation something.  Blog close it, complain close it, or improve yet, call someone out equally it's happening.  If this is e'er going to change, people ask to hold out made aware that sexist jackwads don't contain the bulk of the FOSS community.

Peace out.

Bart K.

I'm expecting I'll run into some comments repeatedly, so I'm going to write some copypasta answers hither to re-create into responses together with relieve time:
  • What does it nation close the community equally a whole when the best solution is "just pretend to hold out male"?
  • The fact that veil of anonymity that the meshing provides encourages people to hold out jackasses doesn't absolve those people of existence jackasses.  Perhaps people similar that ought to hand serious idea to what they are inwards the dark (timesink warning: tvtropes).

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