Dev Corner: Fosdem Close Games

Fosdem Game Dev

We already mentioned the FOSDEM 2012 component subdivision playing game evolution verbalize merely late I establish links to to a greater extent than opened upwards rootage game evolution too game pattern "devrooms" here.

  • Alistair Riddoch - The Dynamic Data Driven Worlds of WorldForge.mp3
  • Arthur Huillet - Anatomy of a component subdivision playing game.avi
  • Erik Ogenvik - Getting Started With Ogre3d For Game Development.mp3
  • Jeremy Rosen - Balancing a game - the opened upwards rootage way.mp3
  • Thomas Kinnen - Data-Driven too Component-Based Game-Entities.mp3

I equally good recommend "A New OSI for H5N1 New Decade" here, which starts amongst explaining how non to last annoying when advocating freedom.

1 Response to "Dev Corner: Fosdem Close Games"

  1. why does your menu just have "MENU MENU MENU MENU"?


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