Dev-Corner: Flourish Conf

Open Source Conference

Next weekend yous volition convey the adventure to bespeak heed a beak yesteryear the Linux game evolution legend Ryan "Icculus" Gordon on open-source tools for game development:

Increasingly, the best tools for edifice games for whatsoever platform don't terms a dime. This beak volition offering an overview of several of the best opened upwards root technologies available to game developers today. Topics volition include audio, graphics, filesystems, as well as scripting. While this won't hold upwards a tutorial session, it volition hold upwards fairly technical inward nature, as well as volition hold upwards useful for those looking to hack out their get-go game, or gear upwards the side yesteryear side Call of Duty sequel.

I promise they volition tape this for those who tin non attend it personally. We volition conk on yous updated on this side yesteryear side calendar week I guess.

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