Complete Listing Of Fosdem Game Dev Resources

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 link to some Fosdem Resouces has been already posted hither before, only instantly nosotros accept a consummate listing of available slides in addition to well in addition to video recordings from the event:

Event Slides Audio Video Speaker
Xonotic: The route to 1.0 Yes No No Merlijn Hofstra
FreedroidRPG: Anatomy of a RPG Yes Yes Yes Arthur Huillet
Unknown Horizons: Data-Driven in addition to Component-Based Game-Entities Yes Yes No Thomas Kinnen
WorldForge: The Dynamic Data Driven Worlds Yes Yes No Alistair Riddoch
Pandora: Mobile Linux Computer alongside Gaming Gontrols No No No Michael Mrozek
Wesnoth: Balancing a Game the Open Source Way Yes Yes No Jeremy Rosen
Ogre3d: Getting Started alongside Game Development Yes Yes No Erik Ogenvik
Gluon: Game Creation in addition to Distribution Yes Yes No Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen
The Future of Open Web Gaming Yes No No Rob Hawkes

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