April Snippets

Reaction 1.0 Beta is an Action Quake 2-like based on ioq3 amongst "freeware" BY-NC-SA assets.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 list of open origin Minecraft-style games was of late shared inwards a Reddit thread.

219 bytes tron is:
<body id=b onkeyup=e=event onload=   z=c.getContext('2d');   z.fillRect(s=0,0,n=150,x=11325);   setInterval("     0<x%n     &x<n*n     &(z[x+=[1,-n,-1,n][e.which&3]]^=1)       ?z.clearRect(x%n,x/n,1,1,s++)       :b.innerHTML='game⬜over:'+s   ",9) ><canvas id=c>

Swallow for browser-based games , every minute introduced inwards a AltDevBlogADay post, is:

  • A directory scanner which packages files into a unmarried JSON file
  • A minor business office of your construct chain

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