A Las Barricadas Cc-By-Sa Boardgame & Kickstarter

Yes...you read right, a board-game on FreeGamer :p
Playable completely without the aid of a calculator or like device. But hey... it's a game as well as libre licensed, as well as hence it is non truly that OT.

So this ominously named "Black Flag Games" collective has lately jumped on the Kickstarter hype as well as seems to bring quite successfully financed their game past times it (but you lot tin flaming yet donate to the cause). Currently they are at $5,932 of their $3,500 destination alongside 22 days to go.

I noticed it because they already started releasing graphics on OGA nether the CC-by-SA license equally promised:

Personally I am looking frontward to this, equally I truly proposed something quite like inwards my long running "game pattern brain-fart" thread. Luckily for them I released these ideas into Earth domain... otherwise I would move sooo suing their a**es off :p

P.S.: viva la revoluciĆ³n... errr I for 1 welcome our novel Kickstarter overlords!

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