Xonotic As Well As Idtech4 News

Hello in addition to welcome to irksome summertime word fourth dimension ;)

But at to the lowest degree the awesome guys over at Xonotic took their fourth dimension in addition to wrote upwards what exciting novel additions are on their mode to version 0.7 inwards their latest edition of what they telephone telephone WoX-Blox #4.

There you lot tin transportation away read upwards up exiting changes to the Railroad tycoon modern they are working on... sentry this video... pure exitement:

Ok I was kidding virtually the in conclusion part... that is genuinely 1 amid many cool pocket-size additions they are working on to brand Xonotic an fifty-fifty amend game.
Not mentioned inwards the weblog yet, are the cool modifications to the Overkill modern in addition to the vehicles tZork is currently working on in addition to which tin transportation away endure tested already on a few servers.

Staying amongst the FPS Topic, it seems similar the evolution of the GPLed Doom3/idtech4 code is finally moving somewhere. However iodoom3 (besides that they got a prissy looking website recently) is non the pump of evolution every bit it was the example amongst ioquake3 it seems.
The Doom3World forums are buzzing amongst activeness though, amongst open-source commercial developers looking into porting their upcoming games to idtech4, people working on code in addition to openSDK enhancements in addition to an awesome code review of the idtech4 engine to jump-start potential developers.

Besides that, the previously mentioned Doom3 modification The Dark Mod (additional information here), a Thief inspired steampunk-stealth game is finally making some progress toward the long promised stand-alone version (Progress Wiki here).

Here is also about recent commented game-play video:

Some to a greater extent than (uncommented) gameplay tin transportation away endure seen also inwards this video. The side past times side version volition silent postulate a few Doom3 assets however, then if you lot are skilled inwards texture making, mapping (with their DarkRadiant) or such, offer them about help to teach rid of those in conclusion remaining dependencies. However AFAIK most of the novel fine art is also non-FOSS  in addition to only freeware (or at to the lowest degree I tin transportation away discovery whatever information on the fine art license... delight comment if you lot know better) :-/

Last but non to the lowest degree in that place also seems to endure about other awesome looking Doom3 mod, aiming to become standalone at about point: Grimm: Quest for the Gatherer's Key. No thought when in addition to how, but I gauge they are only waiting for a to a greater extent than stable idtech4 community version.

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