Xonotic 0.7 Released

After an agonizingly long wait, I am happy to study that a DarkPlaces got quite a few functioning improvements (mainly due to the fact that the creator forthwith plant at Valve software together with hence has straight access to Nvidia's together with AMD's graphics hardware divisions) together with that an all novel script compiler is forthwith inward use. That it runs on SDL 2.0 mightiness every bit good growth it's usability a lot for some.
There are every bit good in conclusion an animation bending characteristic for the player-models together with creation of novel characters has never been easier forthwith that the iqm format is used.

You tin comment on this lay out over at the Xonotic forum lay out annunciation thread (or of course of study hither inward our comment section).

Also banking concern jibe out these ii withal nether heavy evolution mods for xonotic:
  • Overkill is a modernistic that attempts to combine the best of minsta gameplay together with TDM/CTF. It every bit good has about squeamish vector shaded novel weapons together with thespian models.
  • DotC is an DOTA similar exactly inward 1st individual thought type of mod.
Last exactly non least, the awesome all novel score editor for quake based games, Trenchbroom is making neat advances together with should shortly let slow mapping for Xonotic out of the box.

P.S.: If you lot bring a actually fast Android device, you lot tin every bit good attempt to run Xonotic on it via this newly fixed DarkPlaces port. Just don't human face to move able to compete online amongst touchscreen input :p

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