Wtactics Summertime Of Cards

WTactics is a beautiful, freely licensed bill of fare game which pleasantly surprises for example past times having it's amazing assets nether free licenses, non shying away from employing same-sex love themes together with now, past times inviting game designers to portion an apartment in lovely Sweden on WTactics evolution during July 2013.
People all over the globe are hereby welcomed to participate inwards Summer of Cards 2013 Рthe offset e'er existent life gathering of the dev. squad together with all those of yous that desire to teach aboard together with contribute to the worlds offset real pro libre customizable bill of fare game, our dearest WTactics. 1:st to 28:th of July 2013 is when this is going downward inwards Malm̦, Sweden, together with therefore create unopen to reading inwards hither together with scribble us a post service already together with therefore nosotros tin ship away begin planning for wicked goodness. You come upwards together with remain equally yous may.
"A couchsurfing fashion gamejam" was approved equally a possible description of the event.

Your host says hi!

Once this returns positive results, I volition hold upwards hoping for the offset free, opened upwards rootage monastery beingness constitute past times 2015... :)

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