Wizznic! Puzzle Perfection Progress

Wizznic! cursor-driven degree editor WIP
Keyboard, mouse as well as touchscreens command the prettier-than-ever, polished retro puzzle Wizznic!, which is 100% GPLv3 as well as available every bit a GitHub project.

  • Last liberate (0.9.9): 6 months ago.
  • Last commit: i 24-hour interval ago.

H5N1 recent progress update post service reveals the goals for as well as the path to 1.0:

Before Wizznic 1.0 nosotros volition practise 2 completely novel themes, each for it's ain pack, thus, 2 completely novel packs! That is xl novel puzzles, leaving the mainline puzzle laid upwards at fourscore puzzles.
However, earlier doing that, nosotros volition sit down downwards as well as play through the entire game, this should allow us to come upwards up amongst around actually evil puzzles for the afterwards levels ;)
Anyway, only wanted to say, inward this in-browser, Object Oriented, Accelerated, flashy, highres, 3D world, that piddling pixel pushing Wizznic is non dead!
Quoted from "Wizznic work", 2012-06-05.

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