Wip Openflashpoint

Here is some other postal service close a projection I flora inwards the far ends of the meshing ("here move dragons"), only which seems actually promising never the less.

But begin of all a disclamer past times the master creator:
The screenshots y'all are close to run into are non however an oculus candy, they're rather to move seen equally a 'proof of concept' alongside lots of crappy placeholders. Work then far has mainly been done on the internal mechanics of game treatment such equally object interaction (player tin deport gun which i time again tin 'carry' a magazine in addition to the like), realistic calculation of trajectories, hitting testing etc.
So what am I talking about? H5N1 (most likely) open-source Operation Flashpoint type of game running on the Irrlicht engine alongside the electrical flow working championship OpenFlashpoint:

All at that topographic point is then far is a thread on the Irrlich forums (with a few to a greater extent than details in addition to evolution screenshots) in addition to sadly the primary developer seems to move bogged downward past times "real-life" ATM. But it seems similar a worthwhile projection to support.

Oh in addition to instruct this: it is developed primarily for Linux :D

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