Winter Shorts 3: Pyweek #16 Inward April, Rainbow Rooms, Valyria Tear On Bone X

PyWeek #16 inwards April

PyWeek logo

PyWeek is a game jam that patently goes on for ane calendar week as well as requires the purpose of Python. It takes house online as well as at that spot are overall winners inwards squad as well as solo categories, equally good equally awards. The dates of the 16th PyWeek challenge are 00:00 UTC Apr 14, 2013 to 00:00 UTC Apr 21, 2013. Registration opens on 15. March 2013.

There is a message board for the community as well as at that spot are interesting methods to break Python games equally HTML/JavaScript using pyjs, equally demonstrated past times the PyWeek #15 entry Kaos.

License Requirements: At to the lowest degree Shared Source required. Free software licenses recommended.

PyWeek #15 Entry: Rainbow Rooms

Rainbow Rooms is a physical-nonsense-maze puzzle game based on libtcod.

Various fonts are beingness used, roughly of which mightiness hold upward problematic license-wise for including inwards for illustration Debian's official repositories only it should hold upward possible to supplant them inwards less than 2 hours including question as well as documentation.

Code License: GPLv2
Content License: Unclear

Valyria Tear: "Final Release of Half-Episode I"

New Valyria Tear GUI screens

Valyria Tear Half-Episode I has been released, which I suppose nosotros tin forcefulness out attain got equally 50% of Episode I's acts beingness complete.

The release brings novel graphical interfaces as well as evolution is ongoing.

An OS X version tin forcefulness out forthwith too hold upward grabbed from the OSX thread.

Code License: GPLv2
Content License: Various (DFSG approved)

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