Winter Shorts 2: Physica, Skyriot, Openmw

Physica screenshots

Physica is a really elementary casual platformer game where the finish is to drive a foursquare through game levels from its starting lay to his goal, avoiding hazards in addition to without falling down.

SkyRiot screens

SkyRiot is available for costless for Android on Google Play and was released nether opened upwards source in addition to costless content licenses on [forum post].
SkyRiot is a 2D flight shooting platform activity game for Android devices. Fly a hoverboard in addition to utilisation an assortment of weaponry equally you, an anarchist, single-handedly wage state of war against a totalitarian regime. Full 360-degree aiming along amongst total liberty of displace volition proceed you lot glued to your device for many hours equally you lot nail your means across over 10 game maps.

OpenMW 0.21.0 has been released. Changelog:
  • Various dialogue, trading, in addition to disposition fixes in addition to improvements
  • Torch flickering improved to amend check vanilla Morrowind
  • Fix for attribute fluctuation when infected amongst Ash Woe Blight
  • Adjusted activation hit to amend check vanilla Morrowind
  • Fixes for the Journal UI
  • Fixed crash caused yesteryear Golden Saint models
  • Fix for fauna races beingness able to wearable shoes
  • Fix for background music non playing
  • Fix for meshes without certainly node names non beingness loaded
  • Fix for wrong terrain shape on inital jail cellphone load
  • Fix for MWGui::InventoryWindow creating a duplicate musician role musician at the origin
  • Added video playback
  • Added back upwards for escape sequences inward message box in addition to dialogue text
  • Added AI related script functions, authorities notation that AI is non functional yet
  • Implemented fallbacks for necessary ini values inward the importer, unused inward OpenMW equally of yet
  • Implemented execution of scripts of objects inward containers/inventories inward active cells
  • Cell loading surgery improvements
  • Removed broken GMST contamination fixing mechanism

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