War§Ow 1.0 Released

Yesterday the long awaited version 0.7  1.0 was released together with therefore afterward seven years of evolution War§ow has gone out of beta.

For those out of the loop, hither is a brusk description of it past times the developers:
Warsow is a fast paced, deathmatch game. It has your classic things similar bunny hopping, rocket jumping, together with full general mayhem. There's many game modes, including, Bomb & Defuse, CTF, Instagib, together with the classic 1v1 Duel.
You tin come across the full changelog (including many dainty screenshots) here, together with if y'all desire to laissez passer on it a try, caput over to their download page.

They also made a dainty release trailer:

For those wondering, at that topographic point is some give-and-take here amongst War§ow developers trying to justify their determination to proceed the fine art assets non-free together with why at that topographic point isn't a opened upwardly source-code repository.
Personally I am non convinced, but at to the lowest degree they pose out their engine code together with hope to proceed the overall game ever freeware...

However too that, it's a fun FPS! So attempt to a greater extent than or less crazy parcour-like moves yourself ;)

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