Video Updates (Various)

Today I allow the videos speak:
First of all a prissy FOSS bullet hell SHMUP, called Shmupacabra:

Taisei Project is perhaps too relevant if y'all similar getting killed ALOT (hehe, insider joke for q).

Previously mentioned Cube Trains (based on Frogatto) has reached version 1.0:

You tin back upward the developer of this prissy puzzle game past times buying the Expansion-pack for 2 Canadian bucks or more! Another pick to assay together with fund FOSS game development... perhaps in that place volition endure to a greater extent than or less sales figures published at to a greater extent than or less point?

Next on the list: open-source engine reimplementation projection Corsix-th:

You volition take away the master copy game for the non-free artworks though.

And final only non least: 0 A.D. got a build novel website:! Celebrating this they too made to a greater extent than or less prissy video tutorials for amount beginners:

Have a await at tutorial 2 together with tutorial 3 also.

Signing off :)

Edit: Small interview alongside the 0 A.D. developers.

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