Unvanquished Summertime Tournament

Given the oft quite modest online communities some FOSS games, i has to buy the farm creative on how to continue players in addition to attract novel ones. Regular tournaments are i of those proficient ideas, albeit i that is a lot of operate organizing.
One of the games that is soundless struggling to attract a stable histrion base of operations is Unvanquished, fifty-fifty though the game is based on Tremulous in addition to thence quite good developed game-play wise.

Don't enshroud from the Aliens
However for those complaining nearly it beingness the "same old" but amongst fancy graphics, they convey implemented an all novel resources in addition to base of operations edifice system, which volition hold out also used inwards the tournament! To quote them:
Your tactics may ask to modify to compensate for this, but you lot tin ever exam out the novel gameplay on our evolution server beforehand, every bit good every bit yesteryear aid in addition to observing our weekly evolution games on Saturdays. An explanation of the differences betwixt our gameplay in addition to the classic Tremulous diverseness volition hold out explained inwards a helpful conduct that nosotros volition furnish to you lot shortly. Most notably, camping ground is no longer a desirable tactic, in addition to map command is the novel focus.
They said "no to a greater extent than camping" !"§$%&/!!!
So where tin you lot larn to a greater extent than nearly this tournament? Well follow the previous link ;) The consequence volition laid out inwards the middle of July, amongst the origin matches held on the weekend of Friday, July 19th through Sunday, July 21st.But if you lot stimulate out to overstep those rounds, you lot volition convey to conception for some matches on the next weekend too.
Registration starts on the 1st of July in addition to you lot volition ask at to the lowest degree three other people on your team. I would naturally advise a FreeGamer team, withal due to my electrical flow bad cyberspace connection, it is sadly non possible for me to join. But I promise some of the matches volition hold out recored in addition to then that nosotros tin encompass them hither on the weblog every bit good :)

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