Unvanquished Evolution News

I convey to apologize for the recent lack inward FG updates, simply at to the lowest degree *I* convey a skillful excuse equally commencement my Internet broke down, in addition to instantly I am preparing to relocate to around other continent (extra points for guessing which inward the comments ;) ).

Anyways... it seems similar at that topographic point is instantly a "winner" out of the amount breakdown in addition to split-up of the efforts to revitalize Tremulous before this year. I volition non conk into details, simply I tin assure y'all it was non pretty, in addition to I decided to skip whatsoever tidings coverage on it until the dust had settled.
I promise this is instantly the case, in addition to for instantly it seems exclusively 1 of the projects genuinely shows around progress... that is unless the other is non working inward stealth mode.

Lets see... at to the lowest degree Unvanquished is genuinely releasing alphas of their game, then I am leaning toward them when it comes to which volition genuinely conk a nice, playable game soon.

You tin follow evolution quite good on 1 of the team-member's weblog here. In the most recent post, around prissy screenshots surfaced, in addition to both their novel modeling, GUI in addition to animation run seems quite prissy too.

Unvanquished: Human base of operations preparing for an attack

Anyways, banking concern jibe out the other cool tidings from them, in addition to perhaps examine 1 of their recent alphas... all the same don't hold back a fully refurbished Tremulous yet.

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