Two Times (0.)2.0

(Yes, that is a rather sparse mutual dry reason to combine these 2 tidings inward 1 ship ;) ).

Anyways, today in that place is 1 for the "FreeGamers", aka those that are looking for closed to playable games:
There is a new issue (2.0) of StuntRally, as well as I gauge I tin quote Twain hither too:
The reports of my popular off accept been greatly exaggerated!
Because it looks similar evolution was non alone resumed later the earlier statement of a projection hold, exactly fifty-fifty increased inward footstep :)

Anyways, hither is a corking video:

And the other 1 is for "FreeGameDevs":
And every bit they say: proficient things come upward to those that wait, as well as things are amend slow as well as then never... thus I am happy to also written report most the Octaforge 0.2.0 beta1 release.

This friendly fork of the Cube2 engine, brings an impressive listing of novel features on the table, as well as should in 1 lawsuit it becomes to a greater extent than "production ready" survive a potent competitor for the easiest to modern FPS engine out there!

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