Torque 3D Engine Liberated

The people behind the ever real indi friendly together with good renowned commercial Torque 3D engine announced a fews weeks ago that they volition unloose the quite fully featured engine together with tool-box nether the real liberal together with FOSS MIT license.

Well, together with today they made an unloose announcement together with opened upwardly their repositories!

Some of y'all mightiness think the engine from the practiced quondam days of Tribes 2, merely equally y'all tin run into it has advanced quite a flake since then. Sadly it also lost its Linux together with MacOS ports along the way, which is something the creators promise to convey restored to a greater extent than rapidly inward the open-source version. Other show-stoppers on non-Windows platforms are a few remaining to live on removed propitiatory qt-lib inward the editor framework together with hence on. So if y'all intend y'all tin assist them alongside either or those problems, convey a await at their git repo here (click on "zip" to download y'all local copy).

Hmm... what does that hateful for the FOSS gamer (besides roughly commercial game ports to Linux in all likelihood soon)? Well Torque is a actually practiced tool-set to do novel FOSS games, together with they actually tried to proceed the entry barrier low, which is something that sadly tin non live on said for virtually other FOSS 3D engines. So inward the longer run in that place mightiness live on roughly cool novel games utilizing it. But for straightaway I promise to run into a fully FOSS version of this footling gem shortly ;)

As always... nosotros volition proceed y'all updated alongside our irregular posts ;)

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