Today: Glamour, Or How To Enshroud Irony Most Sex Stereotypes Rattling Well...

Or something similar that... because every bit much every bit I shout out back FOSS games should cater to the other ermm... sec out of three(?) gender, I am non certain if this is meant ironic or non (description of the game Glamour):
You are Maddeline, a immature princess only turned 16. Now you're former plenty to attend the violet balls together with your fairy godmother volition aid yous teach laid upwardly for the close exciting dances.
Watch out your means spell walking unopen to this amazing metropolis amount of filthy foes. They may terms your look. You wouldn't similar to accomplish the ball all covered alongside dirt.
Visit the Make-up, Shoe, Dress together with Accessory Castle to discovery the close beautiful outfits together with win the Prince Charming heart.
At to the lowest degree I come across relatively piffling pinkish on that screen-shot...
Source-code is available hither for those that wonder...

*stalkes piece of cake away*

But -BAM-... hither is something clearly to a greater extent than manly:

Unvanquished Alpha 19
-BAM- banking venture check the alpha nineteen changelog -BAM- Oh together with the presently to released AlienArena Tactical likewise audio similar a game for -BAM- existent men!

Hmm BAM?

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