To Unknown Horizons To Forge Worlds...

I totally missed the rather big update of Unknown Horizons at the halt of final month. The changes/updates are summarized past times them equally following:
  • Completely novel tileset
  • New buildings: alvearies, barracks, blender, cocoa field, doctor, herbary, lookout, pastry shop, spice field, vineyard, vintner
  • Many novel graphics for existing buildings
  • AI tin hand the axe directly grip nation of war together with diplomacy
  • Vast surgery improvements
  • New music track: Battle
  • Tons of p├Árnikas fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Much, much to a greater extent than
Yesterday at that topographic point was too a novel 0.7.0 pose out of the 3D Worldforge customer Ember:
Worldforge 3D customer Ember 0.7.0
Graphics are starting to expect rather nice, right?

Last merely non least,the of late open-sourced AgentKeeper got a dedicated sub-forum on our messageboards together with is looking for contributors:

So, if you lot desire to assistance out alongside this stimulate novel jMonkey powered dungeon tycoon game, cheque out this nice listing of video tutorials.

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