The Castle Doctrine: Novel Jason Rohrer Mmo

public domain origin code included) The Castle Doctrine is a MMO nearly "burglary in addition to dwelling defense". Better than I could exercise it hither shortly, these 2 (1, 2) articles hand you lot an thought what the game is about.

Build defenses to protect your solid unit of measurement or is it only some other puzzle to solve?
The interesting twist is that you lot are (can be?) both a dwelling intruder in addition to responsible for edifice defenses for your ain home. In a feel it is hence a histrion created puzzle solving game if you lot hold back at it from a to a greater extent than game pattern (abstract) betoken of view. It withal likewise rises some ethical questions nearly how you lot bargain amongst the subject of the arms race betwixt intruders in addition to dwelling defenders. In either way, it sounds similar a fun game though :)

On an unrelated note, ane of the guys behind final year's successful FOSS board game Kickstarter projection A Las Barricadas, is now looking for fiscal subscriptions for him to exercise to a greater extent than FOSS fine art (CC-by) in addition to to accept some fine art classes the same time. If that sounds similar a skillful agency to pass your difficult earned cash, depository fiscal establishment fit out some of his previous industrial plant here.

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