Some Upcoming Releases

Looks similar nosotros volition become approximately overnice x-mas presents this year:

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 flake delayed but in all likelihood correct on fourth dimension for the Mayan cease of the world, nosotros volition catch a long awaited novel liberate of Cube2:Sauerbraten. Read close the liberate proclamation here. Hmm, I wonder if it has already Occulus Rift support...

Also on the FPS front, AlienArena is having a major engine update, amongst a claimed massive 3-4 times speed increase inwards BSP rendering as well as to a greater extent than VBO improvements.

Mars meets CounterStrike?
Furthermore they denote a novel game-mode to hold out added soon, which tries to wearisome downward the game-play of AlienArena a flake as well as add together a to a greater extent than tactical appeal. Sounds a flake similar selling out to the CounterStrike/ModernWarefare crowd to me, but lets catch how it volition play ;)

Last but non least, GarageGames has announced that after the recent FOSS licensed liberate of their 3D engine Torque3D (see latest updates here, sadly no working Linux port yet), they volition equally good open-source their 2D engine!

And inwards fact it volition non solely hold out a source-drop, but rather a pregnant update including a merger of their iOS code amongst the remainder of the Torque2D one.

Also no Linux port yet, but simply equally for the 3D engine 1 volition hopefully exhibit upward sooner or later.

P.S.: In example individual has missed it: SuperTuxKart had a real overnice novel liberate recently, bumping it upward to version 0.8. See a video of it inwards activity here.

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