Some Overnice Screenshots...

So it seems similar it is upward to me i time to a greater extent than to conk on this weblog travel ;)

Not besides much to study though... thus I introduce y'all Red Vs Blue Unvanquished edition:

Well at to the lowest degree that could travel fun... anyways, every bit they explicate inwards their concluding ii weekly updates (1,2), their Demon Engine has seen quite a few graphical updated an p├Árnikas fixes lately. Furthermore they highlighted an upcoming major alter inwards game-play compared to Tremulous, every bit Unvanquished volition travel using a existent resources gathering system.

Also a cool novel covert comes from the "Modern Warfare" modern for 0 A.D.:

Tanks inwards 0 A.D.
In their WIP thread on the 0 A.D. forums they convey also confirmed that the modern volition travel "open source" even then did non specify this further. It also seems similar they convey enough of proficient artists, only are lacking a chip on the coding side. So if y'all know your agency approximately Javascript in addition to XML hacking, laissez passer on them a manus (and secretly anteroom for a amount FOSS free ;) ).

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