Some Idtech4 Games Progress

Great tidings from the people behind the idTech4 powered stealth FPS The Dark Mod: They are making great steps to larn out their Doom3 modern legacy behind together with a standalone version should non survive all that far from now.
New The Dark Mod replacement artwork
You tin follow the progress here on their forums, together with possibly you lot tin also give them an helping hand.

Interestingly at that spot are 2 other late updated Doom3 mods, that could easily lucifer inwards every bit The Dark Mod mods, e.g. going stand upward lonely amongst The Dark Mod's help.

The showtime i is a Hexen remake, called Hexen: Edge of Chaos:

And the other i is a prequel to the Arx: Fatalis (engine also FOSS, btw.) game, called Arx: End of Sun:

Sadly both of them role proprietary themes (and i could fifty-fifty fence that The Dark Mod is borderline infringing on i too), exactly I am nevertheless looking forwards to get out these overnice community creations in i lawsuit they give-up the ghost stand-alone!

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