Shunned Survivor: Mmorts Tower Defense

Defending your outpost inward Shunned Survivor

Shunned Survivor is 1 of the entries for PyWeek #15 September 2012 "One Way Trip".

In the genre mix betwixt MMORTS, metropolis building, economic scheme simulation too tower defense strength game, you lot command an exiled human, amongst the apparent finish to instruct dorsum to earth.

The interaction amongst other players is quite indirect. You tin assault other player's bases too win the "data" resources this way, which you lot bespeak to perform "research" actions. However, defeating a base of operations does non alter it, you lot only instruct the vantage too tin assault again.

Shunned Survivor Server map

While researching, however, you lot bespeak to perform inward a tower defense strength minigame, during which your defensive towers tin hold upward destroyed. If you lot succeed, the query was successful. If not, you lot convey to enforce your defenses too endeavour again.

Even though quite a flake of the gameplay fourth dimension is spent on waiting for resources to hold upward generated past times the diverse resources gathering buildings, I discovery this game really entertaining too highly recommend you lot to plough over it a try.

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