Scavenger: Atmospheric Opened Upwards Rootage Sec Infinite Exploration

Image: Scavenger in-game credits

Scavenger is a uncomplicated infinite exploration game gear upwards inwards a large debris field, created past times Fiona Burrows inwards Dec 2009.

It is polished, really atmospheric together with expresses a subtle feel of sense of humor within item/object names.

Scavenger was voted sec house inwards the "overall" category at Ludum Dare sixteen (48 hr dev jam). It of late was released inwards a github repository nether MIT license (both code together with art!).

The code is written inwards Python together with runs on Linux, Mac OS X together with Windows.

Video: Scavenger

On her blog, Fiona writes almost her evolution process:
  1. Pick a uncomplicated persuasion together with gyre alongside it.
  2. Never exit an unfinished feature.
  3. If anything tin hold upwards polished thus produce it - If an animation tin hold upwards added to something thus produce it, if a modest particle resultant tin hold upwards added hither thus produce it.
  4. Don't stress over running out of time. When it doubt, pretend this was the excogitation all along.

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