Red Eclipse 1.4 Together With A Missed Birthday

Good intelligence is that the long awaited Red Eclipse version 1.4 was released yesterday.
Read the proclamation (with sum change-log) here. Besides full general smooth the most notable features are:
  • Vanity items in addition to improved colours: wearing clothing upward in addition to frag amongst style.
  • Visible legs inward showtime person: know where you lot are kicking in addition to parkouring.
  • New in addition to revamped maps: bringing you lot fifty-fifty to a greater extent than variety.
  • Better viewing: marking flythroughs, improved tertiary in addition to showtime somebody cameras.
  • Better menus in addition to other HUD elements: easier to come across in addition to read at a glance.
  • New weapon: Mines add together a novel dimension to the existing gameplay.
  • New mode: assault in addition to defend inward Gauntlet, competing for the most laps.
  • Automatic demo recording: for those times you lot but select to spotter it again.
  • User Accounts: donate or contribute, in addition to habiliment the in-game supporter badge.
  • Improved weapon residuum in addition to gameplay rules, bugs fixed, in addition to much more.
Especially the visible legs inward 1st somebody persuasion add together to the parcour movements in addition to overall the game feels much to a greater extent than "complete" now. Here are or then impressions of a bot-match I had before on:

The bad intelligence is  that nosotros missed Xonotic's tertiary birthday, but you lot tin yet congratulate here (where you lot tin too read near or then pretty cool updates to the game). To celebrate it, kojin made a prissy frag movie:


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