Project Leadership & Management Inwards Free, Opened Upwards Root Games

Both 0 A.D. as well as Unknown Horizons sense a alter inwards leadership!

For 0 A.D., Erik Johansson steps downward from projection leadership as well as Michael D. Hafer assumes that role.

In Unknown Horizons, Nightraven steps dorsum as well as Kilian fills the projection administration role.

Leadership inwards costless as well as opened upwards root game projects is an exciting topic amongst much sentiment most which manner volition atomic number 82 to a successful game - whatever the subject's Definition of "success" is - as well as also few examples to brand objective statements most it.

Are y'all next whatsoever specific projects as well as their leadership structures an desire to comment on these? I must acknowledge that I am out of the loop amongst many, many projects, although I am pretty certain that for instance Flare, NAEV as well as Valyria Tear bring (successful) Benevolent Dictator for Life manner leadership.

On related note: FIFE (the isometric 2nd engine used past times Unknown Horizons) moved to GitHub.

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