Overdose Directly Officially... Hmm?... Open-Source?

Somehow I was nether the impression that the squad behind Overdose had realized roughly fourth dimension agone that past times using the idTech2 base of operations they would last saltation to the GPL licensing requirements, in addition to abandoned plans to purchase a split license simply to function along the code closed... nevertheless that was never officially announced until now:
This straight off agency that OverDose is totally open, totally moddable, in addition to totally consummate amongst its ain modernistic tools, which include score compilers, map editors, font tools, custom hard disk .RoQ video compilers, texture compression tools, model format tools… Lets simply say, a decent packet of tools amongst a fully written SDK in addition to developer wiki. So y'all don’t simply larn the game rootage code, y'all larn the total shebang, everything. Of course of written report media soundless belongs to OverDose, but the higher upwards should last swell tidings to whatever modernistic people or budding game makers.
Whats more, the code is available… Right now! Get inwards deport on at odium@team-blur-games.com for a link to the codebase which is constantly updated! Any budding coders out in that place who desire to last purpose of the OverDose squad last certain to larn inwards touch, nosotros always, ALWAYS demand to a greater extent than coders ;)
In their recent news they also cite that they bring realized that keeping the rootage shut doesn't assistance against hackers (a realization that comes amend belatedly thence never :) ) in addition to that their updated (GTK-Radiant based) level-editor is straight off available. That they add together all their other (AFAIK Windows only) tools into the open-source mix also is an unexpected but rattling prissy bonus!

Some recent automatic leafage tests

I assume past times yell for for code access they volition indicate y'all to the "hidden" repository here, but giving them roughly positive feedback past times yell for for it, volition in all probability last the "right thing"tm to utilisation ;)

Oh in addition to don't fille the long WIP thread amongst roughly prissy (but over post-processed) screens here.
WIP weapon model
Last but non least: To avoid sounding also negative *again*, I recollect this is a swell evolution in addition to this could function a actually prissy open-source modding platform, peculiarly if they brand at to the lowest degree a base of operations prepare of assets available nether a to a greater extent than liberal license *hint* ;) So demo them roughly back upwards past times helping out or perchance donating.

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