Openxcom Takes A Giant Leap

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OpenXcom is 1 of those projects I've been next religiously, non entirely because I'm a huge fan of the X-COM series, but likewise because it promised to deliver a fully stable together with p├Árnikas gratis engine port released nether a Free Software license.

The end fourth dimension I talked well-nigh it, it seemed similar at that spot was even then much function to survive done, but apparently things convey changed, equally the developers all of a precipitous merely went from a fairly incomplete version 0.4 to a fully playable together with enhanced version 0.9.

In game

This is champaign swell intelligence to all X-COM fans. OpenXcom at 1 time ensures the game tin dismiss survive ported to practically every modern device or OS you lot tin dismiss intend of. It likewise allows improved modern back upwardly together with farther enhancements to gameplay together with graphics to survive made past times the community. Sadly the infamously difficult sequel to X-COM, known equally Terror from the Deep, is yet to survive supported, something that volition hopefully alter inward the upcoming versions of OpenXcom.

You tin dismiss download OpenXcom v0.9 here.

The engine requires an master re-create of X-COM: UFO Defense/UFO: Enemy Unknown inward lodge to run, which tin dismiss survive purchased here.

Finally, if you're interested inward modding or downloading mods made specifically for OpenXcom, you lot should banking concern friction match this page.

Code License: GPLv3

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