Open-Source Head-Tracking

So unless you lot are living nether a rock, you lot create got in all probability heard nearly the novel VR-google craze presently to hitting every hard-core gamers cave (e.g. before, in addition to straightaway that id software promised to unloosen the Doom3 BFG Edition rootage code too, it looks similar VR inwards FOSS games volition decease quite mutual soon.

However, hidden inwards the (flight-)sim genre roughly other quite prissy arrangement has been developed, using exclusively a (sufficient frames per second) webcam:

The video is shot amongst FlightGear, everyones favorite open-source flight-sim. More details how to larn it running amongst FlightGear tin survive institute here, the arrangement itself is non FlightGear specific though.

The source-code tin survive institute here to survive adapted to to your game (any 3D game that doesn't require also fast head-movement is basically suitable). The face-tracking is based on OpenCV, which volition accept roughly juice from your idling quad-core CPUs ;)

Less resources demanding are infrared LED tracker version, which produce non remove to follow a human face upwards in addition to also run rather nicely inwards a nighttime room. For those, roughly propitiatory solutions create got been available for roughly time, only you lot tin also uncovering Linux compatible open-source code for such a arrangement here (instructions for FlightGear here).

Personally I was ever to lazy to gear upwards myself a proper iii point LED cap, in addition to then I mean value the human face upwards tracking solutions are to a greater extent than convenient. If you lot are into non-FOSS games on the Windows platform, I tin thence also recommend the partial open-source FaceTrackNoIR software, which supports quite a few actually prissy flight-sims, racing games in addition to fifty-fifty FPS.

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