Open Rootage Game Summertime Enshroud Shorts 2012 #2

Haunts: The Manse Macabre is a BSD-code/CC-BY-NC-SA-art Kickstarter-funded, turn-based RPG(?). There are even as well as thence a few hours left to contribute to additional features.
Sintel: The Game, currently completely CCBY3-licensed, simply had their root alpha release! They convey master vox acting as well as all! (Although I did non get create to instruct it running on Linux yet).
Irrlicht-based cute Puzzle Moppet has been released nether the WTFPL as well as I was able to supersede all non-free textures as well as sounds. Now all nosotros need is a repository coordinator.
Valyria Tear is a continuation of the jRPG Hero of Allacrost projection alongside an active evolution blog.
Frogatto is a well-designed-code, beautiful-proprietary-pixel-art platformer. The developers started "making friends" on their weblog past times talking nearly projects they like.
idTech3 was reviewed inwards an extensive, illustrated article.
Summoning Wars, a 3d-visuals hack'n'slash needs a novel Pb developer.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 discussion about OpenGameArt's usability for game developers started on their forums. Improvements were recently added to the texture department as well as this is a peril to formulate enhancement to the other sections.

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