Open Root Never Dies

The beauty of opened upwardly origin is that projects never officially driblet dead equally long equally the origin is available.

Some classics exactly proceed moving forrard because of this.  They teach written off, domains expire, progress seems non-existent, but therefore someone amongst a flake of noesis together with drive does something together with the projection is live on again!  That is the beauty of Free / Libre & Open Source Software.

Super Tux

The terminal Super Tux give away was 0.3.3 inwards March 2010; that isn't fifty-fifty labelled stable.  The terminal stable give away was, y'know I couldn't fifty-fifty discovery out.  It was earlier 2007, that's all I know.

Progress is slow made though behind the scenes - something to a greater extent than obvious since the projection of late acquired a forum amongst FreeGameDev.  There are several 'clones' (a GIT term) that bring been worked on inwards the terminal twelvemonth or so, amongst the master branch receiving enough of dear this year.

One of their problems is that to a greater extent than or less things are difficult to discovery out without quizzing the developer(s).  For example, the editor for the evolution version is a split upwardly projection (as explained here), but that doesn't seem to live on documented for the fourth dimension being.

Status: Release required, Web News or Blog required

Extreme Tux Racer

Now here's a boom from the past.  Extreme Tux Racer, long agone losing its domain/forums, has come upwardly dorsum to life seemingly from the brink.  With the forums moved to Sourceforge, there's been a flow of development activity.

(I fifty-fifty helped past times managing to teach admin access to the projection inwards lodge to give it to the novel developers.)

And it isn't exactly background noise; version 0.6 beta1 has been released!

Still, without a website or much PR beyond the forum they could produce amongst a few fresh faces.  Forums tin live on quite shut communities - if you lot don't cheque it, you lot wouldn't know of this release.  I bet they would appreciate to a greater extent than or less feedback, therefore cheque it out if you lot can.

Status: Website required, Outreach required

Other News

Are at that topographic point whatever other opened upwardly origin games that expect stalled on the surface but are coming dorsum to life?  Comment!

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