Open Origin Boardgames, Meliorate On A Concealment Or On A Table?

Staying amongst the subject of the festive season, how tin privy FreeGamer aid yous preclude that awkward quiet when yous sit down downwards amongst your relatives too realize yous bring nix truly to beak about? Well, open-source board games to the rescue... too yous tin privy spice upward that character draw of piece of job solid unit of measurement fourth dimension yesteryear introducing some FOSS concepts ;)

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 rather interesting concept is d0x3d! (a network safety game):

It is truly intended to live on a sort of teaching aid (ideas how to purpose it inwards course of educational activity here), but it seems interesting plenty to play amongst friends too relatives too.
You tin privy lodge a amount version of the game or download the sources nether the sadly to a greater extent than restrictive CC-by-NC-SA here.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 similar concept of combining teaching amongst playing is the trading carte game Phylo. Sadly it is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than restrictive inwards licensing (CC-BY-NC-ND), therefore I am stretching it a flake to elevate it here.

Much to a greater extent than opened upward (and mentioned a few times before on FG) is Wtactics:

Wtactics carte examples

Not much updates for it lately, but I am yet looking forwards to bring inwards playable inwards their nether evolution web-based client or Wagic.

Another nicely licensed (CC-by-SA) but update-lacking open-source board game is Sovereign:

Sovereign game board
It's a check out ane time to a greater extent than this peachy post on Settlers of Catan implementations nosotros had a piece back; which leads us ane time to a greater extent than to screen-based implementations of board-games.

One such full general organization is VASSAL, a FOSS engine to laid upward too play online adaptations of board games too carte games. It makes it possible to play alive on the Internet or yesteryear e-mail too has a quite extensive library of (mostly propitiatory) game modules.
VASSAL game module example
Another late developed too graphically quite amazing "on screen" board game organization is Desperate Gods. Again, sadly non FOSS (only shared source) but equally explained on their GIT account, they are opened upward to license parts of it for mods etc. nether to a greater extent than liberal licenses (upon private request).

Definitely also worth mentioning inwards this context is TripleA, also a RISK similar game that late had a rather big update too right away includes a novel map-creator for example.

TripleA, novel WWII worldmap
And terminal but non least, MegaMek has to live on mentioned too, equally it is likely the most fully featured BattleTech online implementation.

But if yous know of to a greater extent than cool examples of these form of crossovers betwixt FOSS estimator gaming too table-top games, delight comment below!

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