Node Reviver: Opened Upwards Beginning Ludum Dare Puzzle Paradigm (Gplv3/Cc-By-Sa 3.0)

image: Node Reviver master copy screen 

Game evolution jams choose many lines of commonly muddied code that ability oftentimes innovative novel implementations of diverse mechanics in addition to rules. Ludum Dare requires origin to locomote visible merely neither code nor fine art has to locomote freely licensed.

I believe that the histories of TuxKart/SuperTuxKart, Warzone 2100 in addition to OpenArena present that maintenance tin locomote i of the strengths of the opened upwardly origin game evolution scene. Having to a greater extent than gamejam-made working prototypes available nether "safe" free licenses would enable this community to selection upwardly promising projects in addition to piece of cake construct upon them.

Anyways, i of the games that has to a greater extent than than proper licensing data in addition to is both free, opened upwardly origin code in addition to fine art is Node Reviver. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 curt description:
  • Game mechanics in addition to score designs intersecting amongst Pac-Man's PipeWalker's.
  • Light neon colors on dark background visuals.
  • Bfxr audio effects (with audio sources included, nice!)

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