Lost Heaven Tactical J-Rpg [Pygame]

Lost Sky is a PyGame-based Tactical J-RPG that runs on Linux, OS X together with Windows.

To play on a arrangement that has mercurial together with pygame installed, run:

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/featheredmelody/lost-sky-project-public cd lost-sky-project-public/Story\ of\ a\ Lost\ Sky/ chmod +x srpg.py ./srpg.py

Lost Sky screenshots

Story of a Lost Sky is a Turn Based Strategy RPG amongst gameplay that is like to Fire Emblem. Units are placed on a tile map together with each side takes turns moving together with attacking. Outside the battle map, the actor is able to customize their characters together with equip novel spells together with traits.
This projection was discovered past times seeing a link banner on Valyria Tear's blog. Yay networking!

Code License: New BSD
Content License: Various: PD, CC-BY 3.0, CC-Sampling+ (non-free), Unknown

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