Lips Of Suna 0.7.0 Released

After a long hibernation a novel version of the 3D RPG Lips of Suna was released today!

Take that you, ermm brownish something?

More screenshots here, too at that topographic point are quite a few peachy novel features:
  • New terrain system.
  • More responsive controls.
  • Real unmarried thespian mode.
  • New piece too enchantment systems.
  • Many graphical improvements.
  • Added express orbit game modes.
  • Improved script performance.
  • Extended grapheme modeling support.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Improved modern loading.
  • Major code cleanup.
  • Several less interesting changes.
Looks similar the developers are dorsum at it full-force, too thus laissez passer on them simply about encuraging feedback over here!

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