Lips Of Suna 0.6 As Well As Other Rpg News

So my recent rant resulted inwards a lively give-and-take well-nigh ARPGs, but sadly non actually inwards whatsoever contributions or novel contributors for Summoning Wars in addition to thus far... but mayhap that was also much to promise for ;)

Anyways, roughly other projection I mentioned was only late updated:

Lips of Suna is immediately available equally Version 0.6 (release notes on our forums) in addition to this issue marks the commencement official issue amongst OGRE3D equally the rendering engine. In my rant I dissed that rendering engine a flake due to the lack of expert content creation tools (yes I know, non their focus or intention), but at to the lowest degree hither it seems to convey been position to a expert use.

In somewhat unrelated news, at that spot is also a novel version of OpenMW, which is continuing at their electrical flow fast mensuration to reimplement that good known RPG. Change-log tin forcefulness out survive also found inwards our forums.

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