Linwarrior 3D September Tidings 2012

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 give-and-take from the developer of LinWarrior 3D:

In the yesteryear weeks I've been working on approximately of the concluding changes to build clean upwardly the guts within the mech bird yesteryear moving everything to components together with systems.
That includes a constituent for sounds that should eventually enable human foot steps.
Of course of educational activity approximately particular cases nevertheless stay for afterward cleanup (like the outpouring jet light).
Some possible experiment-branch directions I come across instantly are these:
  • Persistence (savegames dude) using sqlite
  • Reworking the Input to convey events consumed yesteryear systems/components (or passing abstractions of SDL events).
  • Some relaxing modeling operate together with integration of approximately to a greater extent than models
  • Extending Physics to back upwardly tracked together with wheeled vehicles - merely talking most slanting on sloped soil yesteryear having four particles for wheels.
Multithreading would endure possible, together with tardily alongside the system/component approach instantly but it isn't a top priority I think.
Easy because the execution model is working inward phases, i sub-system at a fourth dimension alongside no immediate communication betwixt subsystems.
- hc on the forums

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