Liberate About Crazy Games

So I guess nosotros are a petty belatedly to the show, but you lot should all the same accept a few hours left to pledge coin towards the liberation of all games (and more) done past times a guy that goes past times the advert Bryan Lunduke.

Amongst the games is the crazy Linux Tycoon inwards which you lot tin whorl your ain OS:

And other such niche titles, but at that spot appear to last approximately practiced tools inwards the bargain too.
IHMO this seems to last rather an experiment, too the guy is promising to refund the coin if he doesn't attain the destination of U.S.A. $4000 past times today (Yeah I said nosotros are late, too I accept no practiced excuse equally it was posted a few days agone inwards our forums :-/ ).

So far he has gotten a chip to a greater extent than thence one-half of it, thence mayhap it's all the same possible to attain the goal. However I guess the fourth dimension was simply a chip also short, too the games offered also a chip also non mainstream for this to actually accept a chance.

Edit: He extended the deadline until Friday, equally the destination is close reached.

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