Jedi Knight Source-Code Liberated & Flare 0.18

In a pretty surprising deed the source-code of the idTech3 based games Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast as well as Jedi Academy were released nether the GPL yesteryear Activision as well as Raven Software. You tin discovery the master copy source drops here as well as here.
The content is evidently withal propitiatory (e.g. you lot bespeak to purchase it), simply to a greater extent than or less people convey already plans to upgrade the source every bit OpenJK (most probable back-ports from ioQuake3) as well as brand a Linux version nigh likely.
Would move also cool if a prissy stand-alone FOSS tertiary individual sword-fighting game would come upwardly out of this... simply the detailed actor animations volition probable move the biggest road-block.

Ahh well... as well as since I abhor posting something amongst no pictures or videos I include the pretty prissy novel Flare 0.18 release:

It includes to a greater extent than or less pretty prissy novel features too:
  • 10 Equipment Slots, upwardly from four (and easily configurable)
  • Starting "Class" alternative (beginner's power/item kit)
  • Environmental/Ambient Sounds on maps
  • Much improved treatment of Animations, Effects, as well as Sounds
  • New Powers: Stealth, Traps, Thrown Weapons
  • New Item Bonuses: XP gain, Gold Find, Item Find, as well as more
  • Improved back upwardly for diverse input devices
  • Two novel starting quests
That's all for straight off :)

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